Saturday, December 30, 2006


Good morning. I do hope that all of you are doing well!
My daughter had an appointment yesterday to try on wedding gowns! We have so much fun! Oh...just beautiful she was in them! We both agreed on the same one! :o) It looked like something out of a fairy tale! :o) The pictures don't show very well at all how beautiful she and the gowns were! Absolutly stunning! :o) We both were so glad that they could fit her, when we shop for her and buy her a top, she is busty, and it's so hard to fit her. Bless her heart. She wants a reduction so badly. But the lady that was helping us was able to find the right size to fit her! She was so worried about that at first. We just had so much fun there! It was great to get out as well! :o)
The place was David's Bridal In Dayton by the Mall. She has another appointment for her bridesmaids to go in and get fitted for their gowns. :o) The lady showed me the mother of the bride gowns .....and Nena and I just laughed! :o) No way! LOL She didn't even like any of them! They weren't very nice at all! LOL
Then we came home. Oh boy! :o(

As I walked in, I could imeditly feel the negativity! I could have just sliced it with a knife! I got out of my clothes and changed in to something else. Nena was trying to show her boy friend the pictures we had taken and he really didn't want to see them. That hurt her feelings! Because the dress she likes was more expensive then the one he wanted he to get! Geesh! She came in here and loaded them on the computer to see them better and wow...just beautiful! He still would not look at them! Neither would my husband! I sat in my bed, gave her a hug and told her to not worry about them and to try to relax. Well....not long after that, I hear her in the living room with jer boy friend and my husband, crying! :o( So, I go in there to see if there was something I could do. I asked what was wrong. My husband said that she doesn't need to have a dress and that they can just go to the court house and get married, or just live together because it costs to much to just have a piece of paper saying you're married! UH! Then, He asked me a question that I honestly don't remember, and I answered him, but I said too much because he yelled at me and told me that I didn't have to go that far! Well, how was I suppose to know? Nena calmed down because he stopped nagging on her. I had came back in here in was sitting in my bed with my heating blanket on for my hips and legs.
Well, I thought maybe it would be an ok night. Nope! It's like he goes around to everyone to see who will fight with him. He sat down on my bed and started talking to me. Again, honestly don't remember what it was about. After he was done, I told him that I had some things that I wanted to talk to him about! I felt strong enough mentally to do it! He got all pissy about it and really didn't want me to talk to him! Too bad! My turn!
I asked him why in the mornings, does he make fun of me of the way I talk (my throat is very dry and can't talk well) and then will yell at me about it? He told me that it's because that he's in a bad mood in the mornings and he feels like making fun of me, then he will! That hurt! I told him how there are times in the monings that I'm not physically able to clean up the puppies poo and pee because of my illness. He said, "I thought you wanted a dog!" I said that I do, but, I repeated what I had just said! He just shook his head as if I was making up excuses. Then right after that, when I told him that in the mornings, my back hurts the worse usually. Then he told me that it's probably because "I need to lose alot of weight!!!" :o( And that I really should get started on it soon too! :o( And that the YMCA membership that he's getting me in Feb. will really help me! And then he just went on and on and on about all of the new things that they have there that will help me lose the weight and that would be good for my muscles and how I can go everyday! :o( I just sat there and cried! :o( Talk about a slap in the face! As if I didn't know I need to lose weight? :o( Then he didn't like it because I was crying, so he got up and left. :o( I just sat there. I was also going to tell him that I want to move out too, but he didn't give me a chance. But that ok, I need to look into it more before I say anything to him.
I honestly do not know this man that I'm living with! I need to go now. I need to go and relax....and blow this nose of mine again.
I do want to thank all of you for your supportive emails and comments! o) God does bless us all!:o)


kamdghwmw said...

I can't wait for the day when I can help my daughters pick out their wedding dresses. I liked number two. JMO! LOL

katie39041 said...

words fail me a few times during your entry, your daughter.Stunning!!!!i loved 2 of the dresses, first and third.But going from her intenededs mood is marriage what she wants. Now your husband needs a brain transplant sorry,, i could not live my life like you are doing at present.You losing weight can you??? my medications add weight. i am not over weight and i lost a lot of weight when i got worse with fibro. It made no difference, i am not saying you will not feel better for it, but it made little difference to me. DO YOU COMFORT EAT? because when you lose that man who is your husband you wont comfort eat. I hope your new year promise to your self is to get the hell away from the negertivity. I am sorry if my words have caused offence but i can not sit here and watch a good friend suffer.
love and hugs
your friend
katie xx

nightmaremom said...

{{{{Lisa}}}} I am so sorry about all the crap you are going thru... I wish I could help.  Your daughter is stunning!  She will make one beautiful bride!  Maybe her boyfriend didn't want to see so he was surprised.. you know what they say :)
love ya girlie

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tellsg said...

This is sad.  I hope it can be resolved and that you feel happier soon.  Hugs.  Terry x

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lisa41076 said...

Awwwwwwwww Lisa, your daughter is a beauty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry after you guys had a lovely day out it ended so bad, I pray things get better for you, Love and Hugs Lisa

dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
So sorry.
Men are such jerks sometimes...
In my opinion, she should get the dress..
Sounds like you are getting strongert girl.
What you need is a plan...that's what I did...took me a few years but time to save a little money etc.  Nothing harder than living in discord.
Hope you feel better.

dca721 said...

Oops...I forgot to mention, the dresses look beautiful on your beautiful daughter!

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my78novata said...

yeah I would check into things asap. get out fast sounds like its nota good place. I cant imagine her boyfriend not watning to see the dresses. but hse is beautiful very much so . like a princess

sneezy7125 said...

Your daughter will look like absolute royalty, no doubt about that.

Happy New Year to you!


jckfrstross said...

you need to check out quick where you can go. or change the locks and kick him out. keeping you in prayer


nelishianatl said...

It's time to ge thim to leave.  YOU don't need to go.  He does.  He's mean and cold and YOU don't deserve this crap, especially right now.  He needs to hit the road.  I'm so sorry honey you are being treated like this.  It's uncalled for.  
I want more for you in '07.

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emabecmar said...

wow, what bitter bug crawled up his ass? That was so mean of him to talk to you and your daughter in that way. I do hope the new year is a better one for you. (((((((hugs))))))))))

newmomtobe2001 said...

aww lisa I'm sorry that was really mean of him. Your daughter looks beautiful in pics anthony was sitting on my lap and called her a princess :) big hug love vicky

cacklinrosie101 said...

Lisa, please, please listen to Indigo and contact a woman's shelter ASAP.  That is your lifeline to get rid of the abuse.  You simply should not be living this way.  He has absolutely no right or business to act the way he is.  He is verbally abusing the life out of you.  Your daughter looks like a princess and deserves a wedding.  HUGS  Chris

chevyz71gurl74 said...

I am so sorry the guys are being so rough on you and your daughter...of course she should have a beautiful wedding gown...what bride doesn't...but what do men know pfftt!
We went the cheaper route when we got married and tried to have a small dress came from Bacons(now Macy's) was a simple white dress..but aunt Judy who passed away in march..and her husband bought it for me as their wedding gift to us....i will cherish it forever! I'm like you....i don't need someone telling me i need to lose weight...i already know....if my husband told me that...i believe it would send me over the edge.  Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that things get better.   Wishing your daughter the best...that all her wedding dreams come true!

tsalagiman1 said...