Monday, December 26, 2005

Another day.......

Yesterday was such a great day! :o) It was just wonderful! :o) I couldn't have asked for a better day! :o) I had my family with me! :o) It's the most important thing to me, having my children around! :o) My mom even came! :o) She helped me finish up dinner. I couldn't have done it myself. My sister was going to come up, but her boy friend was sick so they couldn't make it. :o( I missed her being here. I got a few pictures of everyone. I also used my present...a new camcorder. :o) I want to watch what I got on it today! :o) My son and daughter made me cry...a good cry...they both gave me things that mean so much to me! :o) son said "watch, moms going to cry again!" LOL And I did! lol :o) He gave me pictures of he and his girlfriend! I love pictures because they stop time and I can always have them to look at! :o) He knows how I am about things like that! lol :o) And my daughter...I got her a bear that was for daughters. I seen it, and the verse that was on a wooden heart that had a music box, was beautiful and I had to get it for her! When she opened it, she cried, which inturn made me cry too! :o) The bear was special to me, and she read the verse and cried. We are just very emotional I guess! LOL :o) Yesterday was just a great day! :o) My best friend came over last night and we watched a movie that I've been wanting to see. :o) A great ending to my day. :o) I just was able to stay awake long enough to finish watching the movie. Whew! lol :o) I even slept 8 and a half hours last night! YESSS! :o)

I was still having a hard time getting around and with my pain as well as with the medicines I'm taking. It's been a bit difficult for me to even function normally. My ears are ringing so bad, I can't hear myself talk, I don't know if I'm talking loud enough. I feel very dissconected...My head feels like "static", if that makes since. Like static in a radio, or "the bug fights" on the t.v.! I'm still pretty shaky, and am having these jerking movements all over my body. Involentary muscle movement. Still having trouble controling my eye movements. Just a lot of things thats going on that isn't natural for me. :o( My mom seen one of my muscle lumps on my upper right arm. And she was across the room! I still have them as well. The pain is still coming back. My breathing still doesn't seem right either. It hurts my chest/rib area to laugh, but it didn't stop me from laughing, just had to hold my chest. :o) As soon as I can, I'm going to make an appointment to see my doctor. To be honest, this is kind of scary to go through and not know why.

Well...I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! :o) I sure did! :o) Please keep comments coming! :o) God bless you! :o)

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