Saturday, December 10, 2005

Just ramblings.....

I didn't get very good sleep again last night. I could feel all of my muslce lumps that are all over my body. Even on my back as well. :o( There is no position that is a good one. Getting up at 3:00 is much better then 2:30! :o) All day yesterday I was in bed. It makes me feel stir crazy when I have to stay in bed for so many days. I haven't had to since I've had fibromyalgia! By far, this has been the worse that I have ever been! :o( Last night, the pain was so bad, it was making me sick to my stoamch. My husband noticed how uncomfirtable I was, and he said that he hates seeing me like this and wishes that he could do something to help me. Bless his heart. :o) I wish there was something he could do too! I thought that my mom was suppose to come over yesterday. She wrote me a letter letting me know. It would have been a nice thing to do to let me know if she wasn't going to come or not. My nerves are just shot over all of this bull! I can't be put through all of this! I don't know how much worse my body can get!!! And I sure as hell don't want to find out either! :o( I'm just very thankful that I have the family I do have that is supporting me through all of this mess. I was reading my Fibromyalgia Awarness magazine last night, and it has an article in it that I really liked. It's about positive attitudes. :o) What they are, and what they aren't. Here are a few of them:

     What a positive attitude is not:

-Being a pollyanna, running around saying, "Everything is wonderful!"

-Ignoring or hiding from reality, and pretending.

     What a positive attitude is:

-Accepting reality and finding ways to make it best fit you.

-Accept what you have, and not what you have lost by having fibromyalgia.

I really like those. :o) It is so true. I was also readin an article about how to change your focus. It was about keeping a journal, and making sure that you at least write once a day about everything! Well, I do that! :o) And it shows a box on Tips on Writing to Heal! A very good article as well. :o) Like I've always said in this journal, my writings help me through my days. And I'm glad that I feel that I'm doing the right thing! :o) It also says to have positive people around you. Well, I already know that one too. But in my life, I do have my husband and my children and my sisterand my best friend! Plus all of my friends that I have on line! :o) I appreciate them all too! :o) I guess this is all for now. :o) If there is any other people that are supporting me out there, you can let me know. :o) God bless you all! All comments are welcome. :o)



apersonwithfibro said...

You know...that is very rude of your mom not to call you to let you know exactly when she would be coming over! Why does she continue to keep you in such stress? I feel so sorry for you! It is good that you are keeping a positive out look on things! Good going! I do pray that you will feel better! And God Bless you hon!

soupergirl68 said...

You bet you  have me and Steve too we will always be there for you. And your mom yea she should have at least called you she knows you have a weird schedule that was very inconsiderate and sows how much someone really cares when they are an inconciderate person. I hope you start feeling better. Love you bunches