Friday, December 30, 2005

Just stuff.

Well, as you can see, yesterday was just an up and down day for me. I have a feeling that my husband is having a hard time with what I told him about my doctors visit. I think the prescription for the scooter or a motorized wheel chair is what got to him. He knows by that, that I will be getting worse from this day on. He kept asking me all night if I was ok, and if I needed anything. He does ask me that, but it was so much more often. He also asked me how I was doing with what the doctor has told me. I told him yes, I feel very positive about it. And I asked him how he was doing with it. He just looked away, and said that he was ok, but wishes that he can get all of my needs right now for me because he said that he can see how much I need them. And it makes him feel bad that he can't help me in that way. I told him not to worry about it, that I'm ok for right now. He was as well as I was last night, very upset over the fact that we were misslead about the whirl pool tub! He said he just felt like going down to the basment with a sledghammer and smashing it! He was that upset! I told him no, just leave it alone and we will find a way to get what I need somehow. He's not taking this well at all. I'm worried about him. He has so much on his mind as it is, and he doesn't need anything more to worry about. I know that his reations are out of love for me. Because he told me so many times last night how much he loves me, and to make sure that I knew that, which of course I do. :o) I'm not going to stop trying to find a way to get the medical things that I need. I let him know that. He told me that he feels like shit because he can't offord to help me when I most need it. I was sure to let him know that he's not, and I understand why he isn't able to. I love him so much. :o) I told him that what I needed from him doesn't cost anything, and thats just for him to be here for me and to give me hugs. :o) He said that he can do that. :o)

I am still having the same pains as always. That sleeping pill did work for me last night! I got 9 hours of sleep! YAY! :o) I'm still taking the other two medicines, and so far so good with them. Whew! :o) I can tell a difference with the nerve pain one. I can now tell what pain is what. Which helps me to let the doctor know what pain is what and where it is. The other medicine is for severe pain. I can feel it start to work, but I know it has to get in my system more to take effect. Today I should be able to tell a difference. :o) I feel positive about these new medicines. :o) Because if they were going to give me any kind of side effects, it would have happened all ready. :o) And so far they've been helping me. :o) Finally! Since my doctor knows now what I really do have, he can now treat me with different meds. that will help me. :o) YAY! Maybe I need to change the title to this page? Just joking...because I still do have fibromyalgia, but with MS as well.

I suppose thats all for now. God bless you all, and gentle hugs and stay pain free today! :o) Please, all comments are welcomed, they help me through my day. :o)


soupergirl68 said...

Have you tried all the local churches they seem to help alot, I mean it wouldnt hurt to ask maybe you canget your friend to drive you around to as many chursches you can and then start monday on some more, it cant hurt they can at least see you and maybe....thats all I can come up with right ya

seraphoflove9001 said...

Yes I have tried them all in this area. :o) Thank you. :o)