Sunday, December 11, 2005

Just to talk.

I was able to get 5 and a half hours of sleep last night! Yessss! :o) I took a pain pill before I went to bed. I really hate having to take those things. It did however take some of the edge off a bit. My doctor knows I don't like to take them and he's going to wonder why I've been using so many of them lately. Oh well. He knows I'll tell him the truth. And yes, I'm feeling the same! :o( I was in bed all day yesterday! :o( My husband and my son helped me through the day. :o) I still can not believe how bad my body is. :o( The pain is so bad. :o( Even in bed, I was getting dizzy and felt as if I was going to pass out! And thats from the pain! :o( I'm still swollen as well.

Once again, I tried talking to my mom yesterday. Yea right! :o( She still isn't seeing why and how much she is hurting me. I've done everything there is to do. I wrote another letter to her, and she read it, but I didn't get a response. :o( Oh well. At least I've tried.

My best friend came over last night! :o) She always cheers me up. :o) She gave me my Christmas present early! She knows how my house has been with things coming up missing, and the "activity" thats been going on as well. She gave me an authentic certified box of Holy water, oil, and and a cross to bless this house with! :o) They are all from Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth. :o) So, thats what I'm going to do today, bless this house, and hang the cross above my bed. :o) Plus, I also have my own bottle of holy water that I get on my own at a local church. I can use that as well. This gift gave me chills when she handed it to me! :o) Of course, I had to give her a gentle hug! :o) My husband an I watched "It's a Wonderful Life" last night. We watch Christmas movies every Saturday evening until Christmas. :o) Thats our time together. :o)

I want to thank everyone that leaves comments. And please go to my frappr page! :o) It's a good way for me to get to know you. :o) Which I would love to do. :o) God bless you! :o)


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sorry to hear you're not feeling any better, all i want is for us to have a normal family thats all i have ever wanted since i was a kid, i know normal familys arent perfect but they do love each other and are there for each other when they need each other and dont take sides or get mad over something that was said. hope you have a better day love ya..Im glad to hear you have a good friend like you do I wish I had a freind too that would help me.