Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Just to talk.....

Yesterday was just one of those days. My massage therapist came, and it still hurt like hell! Even she said with as much medication that is in my system, I shouldn't be in so much pain still! Well I agree with that! What's the use of taking them if they're not going to work? My right side seemed to be stiff/rigid. When she was working on my right leg, it was stiff and would jerk. I let her know what had happened on Friday morning with that patch. She read the ER follow up/release paper, and I'm doing exactly what it says to do. I did make an appointment with my doctor, and it's tomorrow, the soonest they can get me in. My jaw was doing that lock thing again on me all day! I still have these weird shakes. I would really like to know what is going on with me! This is all just a bit too much! I'm really worried here! My daughter came over yesterday to do her laundry. :o) My grandson wasn't feeling to well, he was having a stuffy nose. Poor thing. He was laying in my bed for a nap, and I crawled in and layed down with him. :o) When we both got up, my daughter took him and I got up and my whole body started going in this weird shaking thing! I was so bone cold! My whole body was shivering inside and out, and my teeth were actually chattering! I went and put something warmer on, and I was still that way! I just sat down and let "whatever it was" take it's course. What else was there to do? My son and daughter were in the living room and thats were I stayed too, I didn't want to be alone. After awhile, the shaking calmed down and I was feeling a bit warmer. From being extremly hot to being extremly cold is a weird feeling! Right now it's 52 out, and I'm a bit chilly! This just isn't making any sense! I'm just glad that my shildren were here with me yesterday. This is scary enough, but to be alone is frightening for me! I'm going to call my doctor today and see if there was any cancelations and get in today! Please...if anyone has had this happen to them or has any suggestions...Please let me know. I would really appreciate it. :o)

Thanks, and God bless you! And please leave a comment, it just might help me. :o)


soupergirl68 said...

Oh im sorry you are feeling so horrible hope the doc can help you, sorry to hear kayden is sick too poor baby. im glad you have the kids you do so i dont have to worry as ya

seraphoflove9001 said...

aaaawwww, thank you! :o) I'm glad I have them as well! :o) They are the best! I couldn't ask for any better! :o) Yes, I hope the doctor can figure this out too. I'm scared.