Friday, December 9, 2005


Boy did we get hit last night with snow! We got at least 4 inches! It could be more because the weather man was saying we were getting an inch an hour! Yikes! I know when I looked out side, I couldn't tell were the yard and the street started! There are a lot of towns under a warning 1, because it's so bad. That means that the police son't want you out on the roads. It goes up to 3. A 3 means if you are out on the road, you get a ticket! Because it's that dangerous out. I would love to be able to get out and take some pictures, I think the snow is beautiful like this.

I got up early once again. I didn't sleep very well. I could feel all of my muslce lumps no matter where I tried to lay. I could also feel my swollen body, which kind of made me sick to my stomache. :o( My massage therapist could not believe how bad my whole body was yesterday morning! She had to start the massage from the base of my neck, top of my spine and my neck, and of course the rest of the way down and my whole body this time! Ouchie! It took a lot longer as well. Even my hands had lumps in them! She had to massage the tops, sides and the palms! She told me how bad my back and whole upper body was swollen! I thought it was because I could feel it. Then after the massage, now I'm way more swollen then before, and it's my whole body now! I wish I could take pictures of this to show. But I would have to be naked to do that and I'm not going to do that one. It starts from the right side of my face, down my neck, and then the rest of my body! I look so deformed. :o( I'm in one of the wors pain that I've ever been in! I can hardly even move. Thankfully my husband helped me out so much last night. :o) He was really worried about me. He said he wished he could take it from me. Bless his heart! :o) One of these days I will get back to my "normal." I just can't wait. This pain has lasted for too long now. :o( My daughter came over yesterday and surprised me! :o) She couldn't stay long, but she did fix my bed for me, and said that she would come over today to change my bedding for me. :o) From the way it looks out side, I doubt that she will be able to make it now. Thats ok, I'd rather her be safe then try to make it over here. :o)

I was in bed all day yesterday. While I was in bed, I have a laptop and I was writing in my journal on that. Then I thought I'd write a letter to my mom about how I'm feeling about this situation. I needed to, to get some things off my mind. I sent it to her, and I hope that she took it like I meant it. If I don't get this stuff out of my mind, I'm not going to get any better, or if this situation doesn't end, I'm not going to get any better. So, at least it's a start. I need to heal in more ways then one right now. If the doctor seen me right now, he'd more then likely put me in the hospital! I don't want that to happen! This is by far the worse I've been. :o(

Thank you all for your comments, and keep them coming. They help me to get through all of this. :o) God bless you all. :o)


apersonwithfibro said...

Oh wow! You sound like maybe you should be in the hospital! With what I read thats been going on in your life, I don't blame your body for acting up like it is! Your mom should know that! You take care hon, and rest as much as you can!

soupergirl68 said...

I hope you start feeling better today to and yes I hope mom doesnt take your letter wrong. I just want it all to end. Love ya

kywoman319 said...

We had some snow here to ..But it sounds like you have been hit harder than us,I am in Kentucky.I am sorry that you are in so much pain,I am sure the weather doesnt help much either,Lets pray that tomorrow will be a better day for you and the ones after it. GOD does answer prayers,

shelt28 said...

We got about the same here. I have been sick so l haven't had to be out in it...Thank God!