Friday, December 23, 2005


I ended up at the emergancy room! I was having pretty bad reactions from the patch! :o( They gave me an I.V of saline and benadryl. Then they gave me two doeses of Moraphine! I'm feeling much better. Whew! I was really scared! The doctor gave me another script for Vicodine for my everyday pain. I really don't like taking them either, but, if I take them like he said to, it will help my pain so much better. But they scare me too. But I know that I won't have a reaction from them. :o) Now what I have planned for today is to do nothing at all, and get some much needed rest! :o) I really can't do much of anything any how! :o) Take care all, and God bless you! Please keep the comments coming! :o)


kywoman319 said...

Merry Christmas
I know what you mean about taking that pain medicine it can be addicting,But under your circumstances I am sure its the best thing.I hope you get some well deserved rest.Have a good day
Until next time,Melodie

soupergirl68 said...

Im glad to hear you are ok take care of yourself love ya