Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I slept 5 and a half hours last night! Yesss! :o) I am still feeling the same way as I have been. I was all day yesterday as well. I'm so glad that my husband was off of work. :o) He helps me. :o) In fact, when I went to bed last night, he layed down next to me, and thats the last thing I remember! :o) That was so sweet of him. :o) I don't know when he left my bed. My dog must be worried about me too, she keeps following me around where ever I walk to, and lays beside me where I am sitting. :o) I do know that animals do sense things. She stays in bed with me. :o) My daughter dropped by to pick up the rest of their presents from Christmas. I seen my son only a few times, he was in and out a lot. :o) Thats him! :o) lol I didn't do anything at all yesterday. I still can't. My massage therapist is coming this morning. This is going to really hurt. But I know it should make me feel better. :o) I'm still having all the pain I have been. A new one started again...on my right side, near the lower part of my ribs. :o( Boy does it hurt. I still have the shaking. I wish it would go away. Oh well. Just part of my life. I was on line yesterday trying to find orginazations that donate for medical needs. No luck yet. I'm not going to give up. I truly need the 3 wheel scooter and the hot tub. Too bad I don't know of any one that could donate. I've been having a hard time walking with my walker because my legs will get weak and go out grom under me. And to use my wheel chair takes my upper body strength which I just don't have any more. The whirlpool doesn't work because the jets are too low and they don't get the areas of my body. I've been so hot the past few days. I've been wearing my summer clothes and everyone else has been cold. It's usually the other way around! :o) I get so hot that I will actually sweat! I don't know whats going on. I checked my temp. and it was ok. Maybe it's part of the Vicodin that I'm taking. All I know is that I still would never wish this on anyone! Not even my enimies! This is something horrible to go through. In my entire life, I would have never thought there was anything like this! :o( One day, I will figure this thing out. :o) I guess thats all for now. :o) God bless you and gentle hugs! :o)

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