Thursday, December 29, 2005

I got some news this morning.............

Well....Boy did I get a lot of information about what is going on with me this morning! Finally! :o) I gave that paper that I wrote on what has been going on with me, and then I printed it out. He seen how I was, and I told him what I've been going through since the last visit. He noticed a big change in my condition. He gave me 3 new medicines to take for my pain. One is for nerve pain, and one is for my sleep, and the other is for chronic pain. He said for now they should help me until I get my proper diagonosis from a neurologist that he is sending me to. My doctor is just a primary physician and he said that he is not able to give me the diagnosis that he knows is wrong with me, only a neurologist can. So, I am to go to a new neurologist in March. He told me that fibromyalgia does not progress. Which I already know that. I have something that I knew I've had since 1994. I have progressive multiple sclerosis. But he said he wasn't able to give me that diagnosis, only a neurologist can do it for my insurance reason. I don't understand it but it does make some since in a way. He wrote me out another prescription for a scooter. He said that I need it now! I told him I know that I need It now! I'm having a big problem walking! :o( The wheel chair won't work for me anymore because of my upper muscle pain. I went to get my scripts filled, and I seen a cane that would help me as well. As soon as I get my check, I would like to go and get it while it's still on sale. :o)

Well, I've taken two of my new meds., and they are starting to affect me. I'm getting a bit dizzy, so I need to get off of here. :o) I'll updat when I can. :o) Please leave comments they do get me through my day. :o) God bless you all! :o) And stay pain free. :o)

P.S. What would be nice is if I could find someone out there that could donate a scooter and a hot tub for me. I have scripts for them both, and they would be a tax write off. If any body knows of anyone or any place, I would be so grateful. :o) Thank you! :o)


l8ybug1945 said...

There's a commercial on TV for scooters where they say that they will work with your insurance company & if neccesary will give you one at no cost to you. It might be worth your time to call & check it out. Jenny's husband has been disabled & unable to work for the last 5 years & disability keeps turning him down. We have been helping them out with car repairs, bills, rent & things for the girls. Otherwise we would help you as you know we have in the past. Richard wants to retire this year & we don't know if he's going to be able to & still help them. Good luck........Aunt Rita

seraphoflove9001 said...

Thank you Aunt Rita. :o) I know the comercial that you're talking about. I have called them all, and they only except mediacre, they don't deal with medicaid. I don't know why. And I understand your situation as well. I don't know why that they keep turning him down. Thats very upsetting. Just very thankful that they do have you and Uncle Richard to help them as much as you can. :o) Belive me, I know you would help if you could. :o) But, I understand your situation as well. I'll keep praying for Tony and Jenny. As always you are all in my thoughts and prayers. :o) I love you guys. :o)

rstockman1209 said...

I just happened to find your blog when I searched under chronic pain. I have been in chronic pain for 20 plus years...started in my 20s. I have been on a LOT of pain meds and also for nerve pain meds. I'm still on a lot of them now although I had a morphine pump implanted in November of 05. Give these meds a chance to work for you...don't give up on them because of the side effects (like the dizziness). It will go away as your body adjusts to the medications so be patient! I wish you well. Pain can be lonely because not many people understand chronic pain.  

I go to a wonderful forum that has helped me immensly! Do a search for pain aid foundation under google. There is a morning chat every week day and a forum with lovely people that also suffer with chonic pain!


seraphoflove9001 said...

Rebecca...Thank you so much for understanding! I know you know how that feels when someone else does truly understand. :o) I do agree that this os a very lonely thing to go through. I do feel alone so many times because of that I know a lot of people don't understand you. I also want to thank you very much for the information about the chat room. :o) I wrote it all down, and will look it up. :o) And yes, I am giving these new meds. a chance. :o) They have made me feel a lot better. :o) This dizziness will go away, which I can handle that. :o) It's a lot better then having all of the pain. :o) Again...thank you so much. :o)