Wednesday, January 31, 2007

~The after effect~

Good morning! :o) Is everyone feeling ok this morning? I can't hear you.....I said...IS EVERYONE FEELING OK THIS MORNING? Much better! :o) I heard you this time! :o) Glad to hear it! :o)
Boy is it cold here! I woke up and it was just 6 desgrees! Yikes! bbbuuurrr! Now it's all the way up to a balmy 10! Whew, I'm going to have to take off my socks now! :::fanning myself:::
This morning, my grandson had to go to the doctors to get a shot! Poor thing! He's not going to be in a very good mood when he gets home! :o( I don't blame him one bit either. He was all happy that he got to go bye bye! But he didn't realize where to! Poor baby! :o( I tried to get him to take his stuffed Sulivan with him, that he got at the Disney on Ice...but he didn't want to. God bless him! He's my little man! :o) I just love him to death! :o)

Oh wow....last night, I don't know what happened to me, but I'm so glad that my daughter was in here with me! Whew! I was on this computer, and she was on the laptop doing her home work. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, but all of the sudden, I got so dizzy I started to pour sweat off of me and my stomach hurt and I thought I was going to vomit, and I got very weak and was so limp I could move on my own! :o( I was scared! :o( My head and shoulders almost just fell on the keyboard! Nena was just right behind me, and I could barely even talk! I called for her help, and she could hardly hear me! :o( Then she seen what was happening and got up and took the laptop off my bed and had to get me out of this chair and into my bed! And thats the last that I remember! :o( The next thing is that I woke up this morning! What it was....I have no clue! No new medicines, and I didn't eat, or do anything new or different! It was like I had no muslces! Like a jellyfish! I had a hard time swollowing and anything that had to do with my muscles, I fought to work them! I fought my body! I wasn't going to give up either! Now that was a very scary moment! :o( I don't know what I would have done if Nena wasn't down here! And, I have no idea if it'll happen again! We'll see. :o) Then all I can do is go from there and do what I am able to do and thats the best I can do! :o) But...if anybody out there knows of anything like this that might be able to help, I'd really appreciate it if you could email me to let me know. :o)

So, this morning, I'm shaky of course. And I feel a bit "out of it" in a way...I can't think of a way to describe it. Oh well...I'll get better! :o) Oh....My grandson is home! lol he has "hat hair!" lol :o) And he's fine! Whew! I'm so glad...he's a big boy! :o) Now he can watch an Elmo movie! YAY! :o) Too cute he is! lol :o)
Well, this morning, I wrote an email to the group leader to see if I can just do the Themes for the week, and not do the Journal Pimping or the Week's Game. She wrote me back and said that would be fine! I'm glad because I can come up with I've asked the members last week for theeir suggestions, and wow....they gave me alot of good ones! :o) So, I'm having alot of fun putting them together. ;o)

The rest of my day went alot more smoothly. Well, what was left of it. :o) A friend of mine wrote me an email, and it really calmed me down. :o) Thank you so much! Her words have always done that. :o)
I did lay down and take a nap as well. I was under my heating blanket, and I had it all the way up to 10! My hips hurt sooooo bad! The heat helps a bit to ease the pain. Now my shoulders are starting in too! My right one hurts the worse. Good grief! So, I put my blanket over my shoulder as well to try to help it too. It didn't really help that much, because I had to lay on one side, then that made my one hip hurt even more! Ouchie Poo! But what did help was well worth it! :o)
Well....I'm going to go now. I'm having alot of problems with this computer still. I think it's because of the cable that my husband put on the laptop...and it might be too much for this computer to handle. And I'll more then likely have to wait until the weekend before I'll be able to have it fixed. :o)
Thank you all for your emails and comments! They helped me through another day! :o) Gods blessings to all of you! :o)


my78novata said...

ah hope your feeling better and no more scares like that. Yes its cold a nd next week they say COLDER!!!!!!!! below 0 colder brrrrrrrrrr chillllllllll

canyonsun04 said...

Is this a check up for your grandson??   Sounds like you were about to pass out, how is your blood sugar??  How is your heart?? Do you make note of these things and let your Dr. know?? This is something serious when you lose consciouness/ which it seems even if you just ended up going to sleep and not waking up.  You worry me. I pray everyday you will get a call from Home Makeover.
I loveya. Hang in there until spring/summer , I want to get you out of there for a special treat.

pharmolo said...

That sounded very scary, Lisa. I cannot think what it could be, bearing in mind the multitude of things that are wrong. Better report it to your doctors.

nana0014 said...

OMG how scary that must have been for you. Hope it doesn't happen again. Glad you're feeling better now. Poor baby having to get a shot... I always hated that part me more than my grandson. Stay warm I know it isn't easy right now we're at 11 degrees. For what is coming this will be a heatwave because they're saying actual temps of below 0 now that's cold.
Take care, Chrissie

nhd106 said...

You REALLY should see a doctor and make sure it wasn't a TIA (mini stroke).   I suppose it could have been a panic attack too, but you really should be safe and check it out either way.


newmomtobe2001 said...

that really sounds scary no idea what it could be. glad things are good with graphic group take care love vicky
ps>hate taking kids to docs for shots :P

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jmoqueen said...

Awww bless your grandson ~ I'm not surprised that he's able to keep you smiling he sounds like such a little character :)  Good job your daughter was there it must scare you to think what might happen if she hadn't been.  Good idea not to focus on it though ;)


chat2missie said...


emabecmar said...

wow that really was scarey. am glad your daughter was there for you. am keeping you in my prayers. ((((((((hugs))))))))))

fibfatigue said...

LOVE you, my dear friend!