Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Need to talk....so I'll just talk here.

Now it's good afternoon. And I still hope that everyone is alright. :o)
I want to explain something. My little rant from earlier. I'm only human to start out with. But, I've just had alot of things done to me and said to me within a few hours of time! And yes, I am a very sensitive person. But, that still doesn't mean that these people can also get away with what they do or say to me to hurt me, either on purpose or not. So, I kind of had a bit of an explosion. Yes, when you do read others journals on a regular basis and just so happen to come across certain writings that will change your day, good or bad...it affects you. No matter what.
I'm very sorry....I just got an email. No, this is about Sandy. And two others...(M) and (D). I'm so weak right now. My emotions have done that number on me.

Half the time I don't know what to do anymore. I honestly thought I could actually trust in these people. And then I see that I couldn't. All within a few hours! Ouch! Bullseye! Through the heart! I do my excersises to keep my mind as strong as I can. Just like my body. What I'ce come up with...to stop all of this from happening to me again, I have to stop reading certain journals! I just can't do it anymore! I can't live my life on a rollorcoaster. It doesn't work that way for me. I honestly don't know what else there is on my body for me to even lose?!
Plus, I'm going to have to stop doing the games in my group. :o( I felt so betrayed! I know I was! I can still do the other two activities, but not the games. I can't take the drama! It made no sense! I truly didn't understand what happened....if I was told why...then I could have fixed it, or actually have done it! But when someone continually sends you the same email over and over, and you try and tell them that they are doing this, and they punish you for it...it doesn't make a bit of sense! And don't blame me for your mistakes!
Oh well....just one of those days I guess.
Gods Blessings to you all! :o)




barbpinion said...

Glad you're taking time to vent when you need too. It helps. I'm just so sorry you were hurt.
Barb- http://journals.aol.com/barbpinion/HEYLETSTALK

sugarsweet056 said...

Glad you're getting it all off your chest. Just take a big deep breath & know there are so many of us that love you. {{{{{}}}}}
I've been in bed most of the day, my temp is 101.4...I get up & check the computer every few hrs.
Hugs, Sugar

katie39041 said...

Lisa, hugs sweetheart, you are not alone here in jland you have a lot of love. If people are spitful delete them. Discrimination is the word in this case. you are good, you are a good person, just dont let people stamp over you because your poorly.
love and hugs

ck600 said...

I'm so sorry you were so hurt Lisa.  It's so hard when you don't feel well when people on the outside do things like this to you.  I'm sorry your heart is hurting.   ((hugs)) Charmaine

my78novata said...

I do dont know what is happneidng but I m sorry someone has upset you so much. You are such a tender person.

rainy35 said...

I just don't understand some people when they hurt others.  That's why I try to be very careful how I word my comments in anyone's journal because I never know how they will take it.  Lisa...........I'm in a group for people who suffer with physical and/or emotional ailments.  They're like family.  Most of them are house bound and we all lean on each other for support.  We send all kinds of things to the group.....graphics, poems, etc.  There is no pressure to send if you aren't feeling up to it.  I've been in this group for 3 yrs. now.  If you're interested in possibly joining, let me know and I'll hook ya up.  

kamdghwmw said...

I think you should form a fence around you and only allow positive people to get to you. It is so amazing how a kind word can change someones day, but a negative word can do the same. Lets stay positive.

hugsdoodlewacky said...


dca721 said...

Hope you quit the graphics group.
It wasn't the woman's place to take it away from you.
Only if you had told her you didn't want to do it anymore coulid I see this happening.
What bullshit.

merry1621 said...

Lisa, I don't fully follow what happened to you, but I get that you were hurt.  I am sorry for that.  I think you are a sweetheart.  I hold only good thoughts and prayers for you.  I do get that when you have chronic illnesses and pain, you become sensitve.  I know I am that way too. merry1621

merry1621 said...

Oh LIsa, by the way...
PS  I love your music!  Merry

jmoqueen said...

oh lisa you poor thing :(  I wish people wouldn't treat others in such a mean way and you don't deserve it.  Hope you will smile again soon xx



emabecmar said...

so sorry you were hurt lisa. i hope your ok. ((((((((hugs))))))))