Saturday, January 27, 2007

Patiently waiting

Good morning all! :o) In hope that everyone is feeling alright this morning. :o)

I just had to post that video of the Producers....because I think the part where he answers the door and says, " Yesssssssssssssss!" is just too funny! LOL :o) I couldn't stop laughing! LOL I've seen the original, but I do like this one better! :o) I love Mel Brooks' movies! LOL He cracks me up! :o)

The other video, my daughter and came across it and started to watch it, and my grandson was on her lap! LOL Oh boy...he LOVED it! LOL He was singing and dancing away! lol It was so adorable! :o) So, I put it on my journal, so I can play it for him! :o) He's a character! LOL He loves music and loves to sing and dance! He's my little performer! :o)

Yesterday seemed to just crawl slow once again. Probably because I'm bored out of my skull! LOL I played games on Pogo. I get up and walk around so I make sure I do get some kind of excercise. :o) It's pretty sad when you look forward to the mail to come! LOL :o) I got my books that I ordered from Amazon about how to help fibro. :o) YAY! :o) And I got some pretty good junk mail too! That was some good reading! LOL No, really! :o) And just my Sear's card bill, and thats it! :o) So that gave me something to do for about 15 minutes! LOL :o) Thankfully it's Saturday, so I'm not alone and I have others here that I can talk to! Yessssss! LOL :o) I'll feel like reading and take a nap! LOL :o) Too funny! I did however, get a pretty good phone call yesterday from the insurance company from when I was in that car accident last Febuary 1 last year! :o) Now THIS is where waiting patiently helps and comes in handy! :o) When the accident happened, (which wasn't my fault, I was rammed in the back end) my one sister was a passenger. Well, she kept calling and calling the lady that was taking care of it and almost got her fired! So what the company did was just wrote her out a check for $200.00 to get her off their backs. Well, when she called me yesterday, she told me who was all paid off and how much I would be getting that was left, and I just about dropped the phone! I told her thank you, and she said that she appreciated my patients in going through all of the red tape that they have to do to get it all done. I just said not a problem, because thats their job. So, in about a week or so, I'll be getting enough to get my own hot tub!!!!!!! YAY! Talk about wanting to jump up and down with joy! :o) My sister could have had the same as well, but her patients are nil! Sad. Patients and prayers! And on His time! :o)

So, I'm going to save it. :o) I'm going to wait and see if Home Extreme actually does come here first. :o) What a dream come true! :o) ASAP....Always Say A Prayer! :o)

My daughter and I had a very good talk last night. I've had her on my mind very heavy lately, and she came to me about the same thing that I had on my mind! :o) So we had a good talk. I really hope that things will work out good for her. She really needs all of your prayers. God bless her. I'm just so glad that she has seen the same thing that I was seeing and was worried about as well and came to me about them. Whew! :o) I'm proud of her. Thats my girl! :o)

My son and his girl friend made dinner for us last night! :o) Wow! It was sooooo good! :o) They marinated steaks for my husband and I and chicken breasts for everyone else. Even as cold as it was, he cooked them on the grill! lol He put the gril by the door of the garage so he could stay warm! :o) We had that, potatoes and corn and salad! :o) And was it good! :o) That was the most that I've ate in weeks! No kidding! :o) Yummy! :o) hands are cramping up again. So I'll stop here! :o)
Thank you all that have writen me emails and that have commented! :o) Gods blessings to you all! :o) Have a wonderful day!


my78novata said...

I have hard it can take up to a year or two to hear from extereem a make over. but congrats on tgetting that money for the hot tub

newmomtobe2001 said...

so glad you will be able to get your hot tub :) fingers crosse for extreme makeover love vicky

katie39041 said...

The hot tub sounds just right. I am so glad your daughter turned to you to talk to. Its awful seeing kids with worries on the shoulders.I hope you have a happy saturday spent with your family.
love and hugs

sugarsweet056 said...

Great about the hot tub, wish I had one. Extreme Makeover can take 2 or 3 yrs to hear from I've heard...there's a big wait. {{ }}
PS I snagged your tags today, I loved them!

emabecmar said...

wonderful news that you'll be getting the hot tub. your gonna feel so much better after sitting in hot water. hope you enjoy your weekend. ((((((((hugs))))))))

daddyleer said...


dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
great news about unexpected things!
It's cold here too, got down to 7 on Thurs.
I sent out a letter to Extreme on Thurs.
Just made it as letter carrier was locking the door, he said it would get out that evening.
Thinking of doing another today.
Dinner sounds awesome!
Love you girl.

kamdghwmw said...

That is such good news! I am so happy for you. I am glad that you enjoyed your dinner last night. I am going to try top cook tonight.

hugsdoodlewacky said...


pharmolo said...

Good news for a change, Lisa. Have a good weekend :-)

lisa41076 said...

Lisa, Have a pain -free weekend, Hugs Lisa

thebaabee said...


jmoqueen said...

That's great news about the insurance money :)  And sounds like a great meal too and what a bonus that it was cooked for you lol Hope you not in too much pain this weekend xx


lanurseprn said...

Great news about the hot tub!  Just don't wait too long. I've heard it can take a long time for Extreme Makeover.  
Have a good weekend.

ck600 said...

Lisa, so good to see you are not in that debilitating migraine pain!  Thank God!  Good news on the insurance company, not that you were in an accident for sure but glad that you will be able to get a hot tub.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend, it sounds like it is off to a very positive start.  Love & hugs Charmaine

queenb8261 said...