Wednesday, February 21, 2007

And I don't know what day it is......

Good morning to you all. I do hope that everyone id feeling well! :o)
Yesss! Yesteray, I was able to play in the snow with my grandson! It was his first time to play in the snow! lol He love it! :o) I knew he would! :o)  I stayed out for a half an hour!  That was longer then I expected! :o) And my grandson had a ball! lol He didn't want to come in...poor thing! :o)

Well, I was up all night again! This really needs to stop! I had taken 3 Doricets last night before bed time to help ease my pains. Well, it did help a bit. It made me really tired and sleepy! But, for some reason, I couldn't sleep! I just don't understand it!  So, I just got up and walked a bit in the house, and got on the computer. And then I talked to a very good friend of mine that was up also that has fibromyalgia! :o) We talked all night long! :o) Too bad she doesn't live any closer to me! I'd just love to meet her so bad! :o)

That way we both weren't alone! :o) She's going to help me get my new journal put together as well. :o)
I took 3 more pain pills about 5:30 and I started iching again. :o) So now I know which medicineit is. Si I took some benadryl to stop the hives I have. :o)  So, I'm really feeling it now. :o) After this entry, I'm going to try and rest. Keyword:try! :o)
I find it still too bad that there are people out there that still don't care enouch to educate themsleves about all of these illnesess! I have been and still have been trying to keep putting as much information as my journal as possible. Education. Becasue once again, just because we look fine on the out side does not mean we all are. Plus, that alone adds more stress on us, having to keep explaining our situation to the people that either refuses to hear you, or the ones that tell you you just "lazy!" Nope...I don't think so! I wish it was that easy!

I have a sister that has fibro as well. But, she doesn't have it to the dgree as mine is. I have another sister that would like to see me die and really can't wait! How do I know this....she found the pleasure in telling me this! Yes, she's  a work of art!  You see how the stress can add up! Please, when any one puts up information, print it out. It will help. Everyone of us needs a circle of support as well. and if you don't have your family for support then you need to have friends to support you and/or a group to go to. It does help!
I also wanted to say that I do read alot of journals! Some of you know how many...I've even lost count! lol :o) I don't even know what day it is because of lack of sleep! But, I do make my rounds to the journals when the alerts come in. Which reminds me real mail is screwing up, I'll get an email from a few days ago or from last week! It's like snail mail now! Weird! :o) If anyone else is having this, could you let me know. :o) Ok...back to what I was talking about. Well, I just so happened to run across this journal that got to me. Why would anyone ever say that their religion was the "right" religion, and thats why they can sit back and reep the rewards! And thats why the other person wasn't reeping in rewards, because they didn't believe in the same religion! And that it wasn't the "right" religion! Now, how can someone say that to some one? My daughter is Catholic, I'm Baptist. Now tell me which one of us is wrong! They are very different religions. But, my point is this....How I see it, as long as you believe in God, and have faith and Jesus in your heart, What does it matter? My daughter and I, when it comes down to it...believe in the same thing! We "will" reep in our rewards as well!
Today so far, yes I am paying for playing out side yesterday! :o) But....Thats fine with me! :o) I had so much fun with him! He's a very special little boy to me! :o)
Well...I must go now....Thank you all for your comments! :o) Gods blessings to all of you! :o)


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my78novata said...

Im so glad you got time with your grandson IM so happy you have been able to get around for that. Im sorry your feeling pain and cant sleep. that also wears you down. I wonder if you had nice bed one of those adjustable beds would you be helped any and if the medical insurance can help you in that

dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
That's what gets me about these so called "religious folks."  The God that I believe in doesn't discriminate against others beliefs!  Don't you agree?
I was raised Catholic although I do not go to Church, I do feel I can pray at home and from my heart.  Many of the Church going people that I know are the biggest back stabbing, gossipers, not all but my opinion.  What matters most to me is being a good person.
I know what you mean about looking fine on the many instances you just cannot see it.
A major symptom of my RA is fatigue.  I too am tired of people thinking I am lazy if I nap or lay down, or just can't get things done.  You hit the nail on the head when you talk of stress.  I had a very stressful Christmas and have gone into a flare up ever since.  I really don't know how much longer I will be able to work.
Take care LISA <3
I know I will never know the pain that you feel but please know that I understand.

kamdghwmw said...

I hate it when I am so tired, but I still cannot sleep. That is how i was when I was sick. I am glad that you had someone to talk to! I like your holy cow.

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queeniemart said...

the person who wrote what they wrote about religion needs prayer, and lots of it. Your sister who said what she said needs prayer too and should be ashamed of herself. You are a wonderful friend.
XO lj