Sunday, February 25, 2007 there a doctor in the house?

Ok......This is the only time that I've had to be on the computer other then this morning. I've been so busy today! I did get 2 hours of sleep! 2 hours out of 49 hours od bing totally wide awake. At least I did get some. :o)
After that I still had to help my husband with these two rooms! My bed and tv is now back in my old room. And now we were rearranging this room! It was fine the way it was to me, but who am I. Let me tell back is hurting terribly! I over did myself! :O( This is the first time that I've been able to actully sit down and stay seeted! And it feels good!
Thankfully my son came home and I was able to take more breaks and he just dtarted in and was helping! :o) He's that way! He's tall hs long arms and that comes in handy! lol I'm short and have stubby arms! lol :o) My arms are now doing what my legs have been doing....having the red lines on them and hurting. :o( And cold to the touch. uuuhhh!

Something else happened to me that scared me as well. I haven't done this in awhile either! I don't know what to contribute this too! But I was talking to my girlfrind in an IM, and I was smoking, ( yes, I know I shouldn't and how bad it is for me,and my circulation) All of the sudden, I wake up with my head on the key baord and I still have my cigg. in my hand and it burnd the 3 and the E keys! :o( I passed out! I wasn't for long, But I did!

Yes....I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow! Somethng is NOT right at all. :o(
Im going to go now. I have company to talk to


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OH I pray he finds something to do for you that is not normal. I am glad you gto your room back and that may help you sleep better. Please let us know what the dr says

dca721 said...

Sorry to hear about your keyboard...but you are so lucky to have woke up when you did.
Sounds to me that you really are exhausted.
Have you asked your doctor for some ambien cr?
I'm telling you, it will knock you out for the night.
Take care.

pharmolo said...

That is worrying Lisa. Something hasn't been right for a while now, has it. Hope your condition can be improved to give you some quality of life back. (( Lisa ))

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I will not judge you for smoking. I smoke and my dad smoked. He yold the doctor that he gave up everything else and that he was not going to give  up smoking! LOL If you want to stop then you will. Let us know what the doctor said.

therealslimemmy said...

that is scary i hope your doctor knows why that happened!
<3, em