Thursday, February 22, 2007

~What would you think~

Good Morning! :o) It rained here yesterday, and we still have alot of snow! lol :o) I think I'll take a month to melt! lol :o) Kidding. :o)
This morning, my physical therapist came again. She really had to do my body again because the shape I'm in. :o( Yesterday, I got up to walk, and my left leg was numb and I didn't even know it! So, I fell towards my left side and hit the tv stand. :o( I can't feel that when it happens! :o( They are getting worse. This morning, the circulation seemed bad. they both had those red line on them again. Well at least she got to see them this way. She asked me again, when I get the EMG done? I told her March 9! She just shook her head. She said that she said she wished it was sooner. I asked her why, what did she think was going on? I always try to get stuff out of her. She just said she wanted to know if this problem wa coming from my brain or not and she needs to know that. I asked her if she could tell me what the difference would be? She smiled at me and said to me that I know that she can't tell me that. :o) Darn it! :o) But, she did say to be cery careful, because my legs are going faster. Which I already know.

I did get a few hours of sleep last night! YAY! :o) Which is good. My body just haven't felt "right" in awhile. There are so many different things happening, and it seems fast as well. I just don't know what to think. Am I in a flare up, or is my body faling me? Or both? Oh well.
Moving on.....
I don't wan't anyone to think that I am complaining or pissing and moaing about what I have wrong with me.

I have too much to think about, (rather then to even waste any of my energy on one person thinking that I would care what she is doing in her life! gggrrrr! ) I'm so weak. I need to do my hair, and a few other personal things, and I don't have the energy to do them. My home health care aid was here yeasterday, but she doesn't do 99.9% of the things that I need to get done. I struggle to do them myself. I struggled and did clip my nails last night...toe nails! Oh...that feels so much better! :o) If you only knew how that feels. I bought this one kind of nail clippers for the toe nails for people in my situation, but they don't work. :o) Before I go on...I want to make something clear...I don't talk about these things for pity, or anything else. I'm just telling it like it is and what it's like to be me in my life! :o) Ok? (I feel the need to make that clear for one certain person and she knows who she is.)

I really need to get my hair washed as well. :o) It feels icky! Blah! :o) I'll try to find a way somehow. My legs stop me from doing so many things. Oh well....I'll just sit and be nasty feeling. :o( My daughter goes to classes today. So, I won't and don't go very far at all from my room. I have this fear of falling. If I'm in here, I'm more likely to have a way to get ahold of someone if something does happen. I just Thank God for all that He has done for me! :o) I still have life! :o)
Before I forget, Don't Forget To Visit CarnivAOL! The last entry below! :o)
When I took a bath yesterday, I was also able to finally shave my legs...aaaahhhhh, that felt great too! Well...I have a hard time seeing the sides of my legs, they don't turn like the used to. I have bed sores on my feet and ankles. On my right ankle, when I was shaving, I have a hard time seeing, I shaved over it and cut it up! OUCHIE! That hurt! The bed sore it's self is getting deeper. And then I go and cut it! Yikes! It hurts! I can't see it, but all I know is there was blood everywhere! And alot of pain! I have alot of bed sores on my legs from just sitting in my bed. on my back thighs and also my albows. eeewww! They're nasty to have, but I really don't know what to do about them. I put lotion on the ones I can reach. :o) I guess I'm just clueless to being this way! I need more help. Like someone to answer some questions and to show me what and how to do things. Because I know how to do ADl's, but not when I'm not able to do them when I'm disabled like this. What do you do? Oh well. I suppose I'll go now. :o)

Thank you all for your comments! :o) (even though I wasn't talking about you (K) )! Gods Blessings to you all! :o)


my78novata said...

you know you need one osf those call alert boxes. We got one for my grandmother. you were the thing around your neck if you fall then they can get someone to you if they cant get ahold of a family memberor neighbor. sometimes they ahve donors who pay for them so people canhave them. Pluse if you got really sick they have the ability to bethere for anything.

queeniemart said...

i know how it feels to have someone in your journal that causes you to worry and i am very sorry you have that going on too.
Lisa,listen....tell someone, your doctor or someone about those bedsores. They need looked at and dressed daily with some type of meds and the right bandages...dont mess with bedsores, they can easily get infected. Now i am worried about you. I know how awesome it is to get that hair washed and the legs shaved.
LOVE, lisa

lanurseprn said...

Call your Doc about the bedsores, Lisa. They need to be treated. It can cause a systemic infection and man you don't want that!!  Let me tell you!  You can end up in the hospital for weeks on IV antibiotics.   They have home health RN's that can come out and treat them.  
Why doesn't your home health aide help you wash your hair? She should.  
Take care....Pam

sugarsweet056 said...

First let me say you need to let the Dr know (if he doesn't already) about the bed sores...need to get them treated at once. Can lead to more trouble!!!
Also, why is it you're HHA doesn't help you wash your hair? She should help you with your bath, shampoo, bed making, your personal laundry, & straightning up in your room & bath. I worked in Hospice & a Home Health Agency, so I know what the home health aids are supposed to do.
Feel better my friend, & don't worry about someone not liking what you post, you post what you want to.  :)
Hugs, Sug

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ajquinn354 said...

Lisa for the bed sores, talk to your therapist or doctor about getting a sheepskin blanket, my Mom needed this because of concern of bed sores developing due to paralysis and it made all the worlds difference in preventing the sores versus using the regular bedding. Hope this helps.  You are in my thoughts dear..Arlene (AJ)

dca721 said...

I am sorry that you are feeling you need to think twice about you what you write and what someone may be thinking.  You write whatever is on your mine, that's the point of keeping a journal.
Wishing you well always.

psychfun said...

Hey I like that vodoo doll tag...who made that? I'd love one.