Friday, February 23, 2007

~Please read!~

I am publically apoligizing for the "other" misunderstanding! That was "not" my intention what so ever when I wrote in my journal this morning, to further confuse people. If only all of you knew what I go through here at my home. My stress level is sky high right now, and it's not 5:30 yet! When I started talking about some of it in my earlier entry, I guess it fueled a fire inside me. And I'm sorry.
And to the one who wrote to me, no, you were not in any way the cause of any of my rant this morning. Please forgive me. (B) Hugs to you!
I do so appreciate all of my readers! :o) what happened last night here in my home was uncalled for! And this is why I dread the weekends! Some of you do know why! :o( Not good for me!
I did ask him if I could have just my bed and just my tv put in the empty room, which was my old bedroom. I should have never asked. I also told him that he IS abusing a diabled person as well! Because I've done all that I could around my bed to clean it up, and I can not do any more! When I told him that, thats when he told me that this show we used to watch, if you don't use something for a year, then throw it away! Will, I don't have anything left TO throw away that I've even had a full year! I said to look around!
My physical therapist told me yesterday that she's almost getting ready to turn him in, if he doesn't help me like he should! So, I thought I'd tell him. It didn't seem to help at all.
Yes, I am really having major pain in my hips and legs. I was yesterday as well. I woke up with the shakes this morning. Makes it harder to do things. Slows me down.
And when you all tell me that I can write anything I want to write in my journal. Well, I also got another email letting me know that if I continue, I could be in trouble for slander! Because I have a reader that reads my journal, then goes to her to let her know what I say! How about that? Sure would like to know who that could be. Because I used the word "stupid." Very sorry. I took it out. I didn't know I did it.
No one knows how I actually do feel but me. The person behind this monitor. And I do my best to try to get it across the best way I know how. And all I ask is, please don't stab me in the back by running to someone else to let them know that I might have talked about them in this journal! Isn't that grammer school like? Playing the game telephone? Grow up!
I lay everthing out and then someone thats two faced comes along! Don't be someone's puppet!
Yes, I'm still keeping this journal. But, I want to be able to write freely like "EVERYONE" else does!


my78novata said...

OH I dont know its hard in writing isnt it to convey stuff. I think facial emotoins can share so much more. I dont know I sure hope your family helps you more

blazensun said...

Lisa, This is your journal you should be able to write what you want without anyone saying anything back. If you need to talk you can email me.

ajquinn354 said...

Lisa, so sorry you aren't getting the help you need from the hubby, why keep allowing him to hurt you so deserve better and happier moments dear, not all that stress....bless you....Arlene (AJ)

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sweetestsin52605 said...

A. yes, you are doing all you can do in your room. B. you are allowed to write what you want in here about ANYTHING..This is a free country *well it used to be* and people have their own opinions.  C. People playing HS or even elementary games need to stop...tattletelling is what it is. D. I love you and I hate the weekends Now you know why I leave I have somewhere to go..Jeremy's apt. Love ya

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pharmolo said...

Lisa, I am quite mad at the people who abuse you, whether it be in the flesh at home or on-line. I'd just block the on-line numpties, including the malicious twirps that relay your comments to others. What do they think they're doing? As you say, you're a disabled person, and being treated like dirt. Not called for.
Carry on writing, do NOT hold back, and do not apologise for it.

lanurseprn said...

I'm so sorry hubby isn't helping you. Sounds like he's not only "not helping" but he's harming you.  Emotionally abusing you.  It's none of my business really....but do you really need him around?  Would you do better without him?  I just hate the idea of you being put through this.

kamdghwmw said...

I know that it is hard for you. Just take some time for yoursekf this weekend. I do hope that you have a great weekend!

emabecmar said...

You my dear are the strongest person I know. Through all your pain and your suffering you take the time to play with your grandson, even out in this cold weather knowing you'll suffer for it later, and all you ask for is a little love and understanding. I see no problem with that. But I do see a problem in the way your hubby treats you. There is no other reason than pure laziness for him not to move your bed and tv into your old bedroom. If it gives you a little more comfort he should love you and care enough about you to do so. And as for your things in your room, there your things, not his, he has no right throwing them out. So sorry if anything I said here upsets you, but I care about you and I don't like seeing you being treated so badly. Your a wonderfully lady with a big heart and you deserve some happiness. ((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))
Love ya,
Cindy xoxoxox

katie39041 said...

Lisa, what you write in your journal is for you, not anyone else and if someones  relaying what you have said why?? you are a open journal. If this person is causing you grief just get your head round to say so what, your not harming anyone, they have the problem not you..All this trouble in jland is just wanting good people to pack up there journals, i include myself in that. jland is not what i was looking for. Most people are kindness them selves, but at the moment every journal i read is having trouble one way or another. I hope your husband gets his head together and helps you by making yourself more comfortable.
love and hugs

dca721 said...

I know I say I understand, but no one really can unless they are in your shoes.
I know that I feel like hell most days and people cannot see it, so they just assume that I am fine.  I just wish they could feel like I do for one minute, just do understand.  Pain is truly a bitch.  And you are worried about losing the use of your arms and legs, very frightening.
These are things people take for granted.
I do hope you continue to write in your journal.
Can't you block the trouble maker?
Wishing you a good day.
Love you,