Sunday, February 25, 2007

An ice storm.....Oh No...!

I haven't been to bed yet! I've tried a few times and haven't been sucseful in doing so. :o(
But, My bed and tv is in that room now! YAY! :o) I like it do much better. It's nice and dark in there and it has a door on t. :o) My winged back recliner chair came in yesterday and I have it in that too as well. :o) It's very comfortable too. :o)

Well....I was sitting in bed getting reading to lay down and my right foot started to hurt me. I tried to rub it and nothin I could do was helping me. I took my leges out and they were seollen, the right one wad that one gining me all the troubL trouble.

My best friend came over this morning! What a pleasant surprise that was! I can't even remember that last time I've seen her! :o) She gave me this really cute doll that has phrases on it like; hold my hand, oh his hand and things like that! It's cute. the mail today, I recieved a package from Amanda, her journal is, hugsdoodlewacky! :o)  I was so surprised! My tears were happt tears! :o) It's like she's known me for years! Ot one of my angels were with her, I don't know becuae she sent me things tha I love yo do and to look at! Imagine that! :o) She sent me magnets , which I clollect, and a key chain which I also collect! And this reaaly cool coloring art picture! I'm going to do that first! :o) lol Then there was a card! Thats what made me dtart to fully go into a sobbing happy moment!

Just glad I was alone by my self! :o)  What a day of surprises for me! My room is almost done, and my friend came over, and I was able to visit with her. And then the Gifts. I don't get to see my best friend very often anymore, becouse of her work hours! I honestly don't know how she does it! My hat goes off to you my friend! :o) Please do me a big favor and visit Amanda's journal! :o) What a sweetie she is! Such a beautiful lady inside and out! :o) Just wonderful! :o) 
I also got to talk to my other great friend tonight! YAY! :o) I've missed her so much! She's cool too! :o) It has been two days I think, since we last talked! Whoa...too long now! We can't have that now! lol :o)
I don't have much planned today except for helping with this room. ggrr! Not looking forward to that at all. And...TRY TO GET SOME SLEEP!!! LOL :o) Up all day and nights are making me feel worse! This has got to stop! I'm going to havr to call my sleep sprcialist. :o)
Well....I'm going to leave now. :o) Thank you all for your rmails and comments! Gods blessings to all of you! :o)


thebaabee said...

You poor dear.  It looks as if you may have some Petechiae going on there.  I have that all the time.  Make sure to keep your feet and legs moisturized.  My doctor is always checking it to make sure the skin is not breaking down.

I'm glad you are happy about your new room.  I wish I had one of my own.

Will go visit your friend's journal soon.  Gentle Hugs, Lu

my78novata said...

Im glad yoru friend came over and you had a nice time. I shall have to show you pictures of my legs. I ll try and take some today. Leg pain is not easy to deal with becuase you walk and use them so much. its your life source and way of getting around. It whY i cant tkae sitting more than two hours in a car for a trip. I ll have to share my leg pics. I dont have the sweeling right now. But they are pinful well painful up top bottom has no feeling well little feeling

hugsdoodlewacky said...


kamdghwmw said...

I am so glad that you had such a good day! i just knew that one would come your way. You deserve it!

dca721 said...

I am happy you had a nice day.

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psychfun said...

Oh good lord. Bed sores can be very serious...get those doctors on them right away.

I love those toe nails! I'm going to have mine done that way this summer!!! I think I'll do my nieces too! :-) Thanks sooo much!

sweetestsin52605 said...

AWWWWWW I LOVE THE LADYBUG PIC WITH THE PAINTED TOENAILS!!! CUTE! ANywho, your room looks fabulous!! lol. Sorry I wasnt here to help, but I did help with some when I came back! :D Love ya