Saturday, February 24, 2007


Good Morning to all! :o) Including the person that is reading this so they can go and give a report to my ex nieghbor! AND by the way, This makes me laugh, this journal is public, so I see no reason to have someone go to her to make a report on if "I" write about her or not! ROFLOL! TOO FUNNY! :o) However, I still WILL find out WHO THIS person is! This just proves to me that YOU BOTH are NOT trustworthy! Not one bit! And thats why I have said; Practice what you preach! I found out a way to find the person that is doing this! If they don't/wnon't tell me! I've lined it up!

And no, I'm not going to go private. I've put too much into this journal for too many years! NO ONE will push me that far for me to do that one! They can try, but I'm stronger then they are! Good always over powers that bad!
I didn't sleep all that well last night. I woke up alot with pain. I was still crying....(i'm really getting tired of that too) in my sleep! When I woke up, I still have the shakes! Geesh! Those are the weirdest feelings to have! I really don't know how to describe them. But let me try. Have you ever been so cold, that you shake on the inside? And, then while thats happening, have you ever had anyone stand and shake you...not hard and rough, just like in play? To where you have a real hard time controling your arms? Thats it. It's hard to explain. :o)

Or...if you've accidently gotten shocked! Oh well....I'll come up with something to compare this to. :o)
My legs as well are not in good shape either. They feel like I just ran a marathon! When I walk, with my walker, it feels like I'm walking in water with alot of loose sand! If that makes sense. My medicines do not help anymore. I can't wait until my next appointment so I can tell him about it. I want to be taken off of them. Why take them if they aren't doing any good for me?

They are changing my insurance starting next month, so I don't and won't know if my doctors except it or not, and I think thats not right! Because the doctors that I have I reall need and were hard to find and are specialists! I can't loose any of them. Well, I can my FP. He doesn't know how to treat fibro anyways. He really didn't even treat my thrush very well. Oh well.
My dauhter and my son left for the weekend! UH! so I'm alone here! :o( Well, at least they both have places to go. :o) But I'm left here. ggrrr! He's already in a mood! So I already know how my day is going to be like! I've already cried enough, my eyes are swollen.

Maybe Extreme Home Make Over will call soon! :o) That would be Great! I could ask for my own wing off of the house! kidding. But really, I could have my own privacy, which I haven't had for almost 3 years now. I miss that. I don't know why it's such a big deal to have asked to have my bed in my old room? Before I got ill, I used to do things like this all the time with rooms! I don't want to go there rigt now.

I have nothing planned today except for my usual day. To rest my legs. I'd love to be able to still get my hair washed. I have it up in a pony tail. But it still feels so nasty! Ick! Oh well. Thats life!
To the person that reads this and then goes back and lets her know what I've said about her.....make sure you've gotten it right now, ok. Then when you're done, write me to let me know who you are, ok. Or let her know to write to me and let me know who you are. :o) Sound fare enough? It does to me.
Too many sick people in this world!
Thank you fro your support and emails and comments. I honestly wouldn't have been able to get through this mess with out you guys! Gods Blessings to you all! :o)


my78novata said...

this world is  sad place so sorry your having neighbor problems again that is sos sad your so sweet

akapussnboots said...

wow, just catching up on your journal, havent had a chance to read in about a week or so. didnt know that you were still having problems with "her" why cant she just go on her merry little way and leave you alone. Anyway, I am actually off work today so hopefully you have coffee. how does that sound? love ya and miss ya, Rhonda

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sneezy7125 said...

Hmm, well I know I haven't been the most reliable person lately when it comes to being around for support, but do know that my heart goes out to you and that I'm here for you always. Good for you to not let anyone bully you into going private, it's not worth it. And like I told Greg (radar446) I will start however many "fan clubs" I have to in order to get these troublemaking fiends off our backs! Hope your day is going well, I hope you start feeling a little better.


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daddyleer said...

So true and so frustrating how insurance changes detour medical care. Sometimes distractions seem to exceed symptoms as the problem, it's maddening. I wish you peace.

ck600 said...

I know that feeling you are having with the shaking. I also have Fibromyalgia but I also have arthritis in my neck and disk problems in my neck.  I described it to my doctor at the Cleveland Clinic as the feeling of if someone made me hold 100 lbs. of weight for about 20 min. and I finally got to put it down how your arms would have that shaky feeling after.  I don't get that feeling much anymore since I found this doctor but I also used to get that in my legs however I was told I'd be in a wheelchair too and now I'm on my treadmill just for short periods of time but I have RA, osteoarthritis, disk problems in the back, won't do surgery I refuse, arthritis in both hips, arthritis in both knees which always give out on me but new meds have really helped me a lot.  I also have a lot of arthritis in my feet and ankles, I did a lot of high impact aerobics, skiing, ice skating, bascially I messed my body up good.  I refuse to give up too Lisa.  Hang in there and I hope your family helps you more.  It sounds like things are so hard for you sweetie.  ((hugs)) You are in my prayers.  Charmaine

kamdghwmw said...

I do hope that you get some relief. I know what you mean when you say why take the drugs if they dont work. I have felt like that from time to time. Have a great Saturday!

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queeniemart said...

i hope Sunday has been a good day for you.