Thursday, February 22, 2007


When I was talking in my entry called "Transforming," I was trying to get so many things across! And I did! :o)
I got an email from a friend of mine from another entry that I had made about "Sleepwalking." But, she also understands! Thats great! She gets it! :o) I just had to post her email! :o) Because she does get it! :o) Thank you so much Gerry! 

I am so glad you sent in your entry on sleep walking.  I have long thought about the ramifications of sleep walking and you had a very extreme case.  I cannot help but think it was tied to what is happening to you now, but I don't quite know how.  Extreme sensitivity to the vagaries of life. I have been reading your journal this morning and am so sad about the deterioration of your leg function, but you are fighting hard to hang on to everything you have got. You are not letting go easy and that seems to me to be what counts.  You are ahead of us on the trail of pain. And sending back messages of what it is like.   I have always thought I have been blessed to live in a pain free zone, but I still feel the capacity to slip away from hardly any pain at all.  So staying pain free has been my means of survival.  Pain means stress.  And burn out.  Numbness.  I am sure if you live with that long enough you are no longer afraid and ready to take the next bend in the road.  But you are only 43 so must strive to hold on to life and mobility as long as you can for your family's sake, even if it means pain.  But the pain tells you there is still function and life in those legs!  Gerry

She can see and understand what it is that I'm talking about! And how right she is, I will not give up this fight with me and my body! :o) And I will win! :o)
Thank you Gerry! :o)


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yoru a survivor and fighter

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