Saturday, June 23, 2007


Life is an ebb and flow of constant changes.
Starting from the existence of a tiny seed
Blooming with hopeful life,
To the springing forth of a being so full of
future promise.
Who continually changes throughout the ever flowing paths of life's ups and downs!
Changing constantly in form and status
While experiencing aweakenings, frustrations, sadnesses, and a gamut of feelings,
Related to disappointments, untimely occurrences, unwanted occirences,and exciting
Often rarely prepared for the changes to come.
Dealing with the making of new adjustments,
While letting go of the familiarity and comfort of the past.
Knowing that what was so secure yesterday was just a fleeting moment in time.
As we go through life continuing to make adjustments related to life's happenings,
Seeking to find that inner peace and happiness,
trying to adjust to each step of life's
neverending changes!

-Maria Perez



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