Friday, June 22, 2007

~way to much sun~

.....Just to let you know, nothing in this journal's entry is toward anyone in specific, I use it to write my feelings, and about my illnesess,and in hopes it might help someone else as I do. And if you might take an entry wrong and feel that it is about you, I'm sorry but It isn't, it just may seem to coincide with your own life. May God bless you!......



Good morning! I hope that everyone is feeling good this morning. ;o)

I had such a wonderful time yesterday! Being out side was great. ;o) Of course...I was in my little pool, playing with my grandson. ;o) The water felt wasn't cold. least to me...again, I can't tell if it really is or not.
I made sure that I wasn't in the sun so I wouldn't get burned. I'm not suppose to be in direct sun light. I would get out and go sit in the shade, then get back in the pool again to play. ;)
I thought that would be alright. We weren't out side for all that long. But, for me I guess it was. I lost track of the time. Too much fun! :o) My back started to feel funny, and I had my daughter look at it for me. It was abit burned! Oh man! So, I stayed in the shade. It was getting really hot. I pushed myself too far.
When I came in side, I checked the temp. and it said it was 93 degrees out! Yikes! :o(
My grandson had had enough playing and was getting tired. ;o) It was his nap time. :o) So, my daughter went ahead and left so he could take his nap. ;o)
I just sat here feeling all out of sorts! I was so dizzy...sick to my stomach and not at all well! Why do I do things like that when I know better? Geese!
My energy was nil! I could barely move. Pains everywhere! All I had to take were some Tylenol, and I took them. I went to rest in my bed.
My DH came home and right away could tell that I over did myself! He helped me with getting my hair up and with other things that I couldn't do.
8:30 came around and he asked me if I wanted to go sit on the porch. Maybe thinking it would make me feel better. It made me sick to think about it. Only because of the heat. When we sit on the porch in the evenings, thats when he waters my plants for me. :o) So, last night for the first time, he watered them by himself. ;o)
At 9:00...I told him that I had to lay down. And thats the last I remember until I woke up this morning! :o) I got up at 4:30! Wow! I slept good! :o) I've had a very full week. ;o) I really need to rest. Whew! I just had too much fun! lol :o) I need to learn how to save me energy and how to stay cool while in the heat. :o) I'm still learning. :o)
It's raining out right there's no chance of me going out side today! :o)



my78novata said...

Oh use the ice aloe at walmart it s greta or just get some alchole and rub you back and old people say vinegar takes the sting away. I have used vinegar and it workswonders. Im gadl you had a good day

katie39041 said...

I think we do tend to over do things when we feel up to doing stuff. It does make it worth while though your family looked so happy. Sounds like you got sunstroke yesterday.
love and hugs

loveladylisa1 said...

Ever tried taking a bath in tea bags, followed by applying aloe (directly from the plant)? This also helps take some of the sting out.

malagutigrrl said...

Ah yes, I know the scenario well.  But it's HARD, isn't it, to not overdue it when you're feeling well?  TOO HARD!  I do the same thing over and over myself.  Sieze the moment, is a hard habit to break.

sweetestsin52605 said...

I had so much fun yesterday too. :)
Yea you kinda over did yourself, but its ok because you were having fun. :)
I got some sun on my back and shoulders. YAY!
JK called me last night and said you were already in bed. lol. Good to hear that you got some sleep. Love ya

sugarsweet056 said...

Glad you had fun, knew you would! :)
I get burned easily too, very fair skin, plus a couple of my meds make me burn if I'm in sunlight for even a short period of time.
Hoping you have a lovely wkend.

kamdghwmw said...

The sun will really take it out of you! I just love the sun.

chat2missie said...


canyonsun04 said...

Yesterday sure was sizzling hot! I hope it rains more today we really need it!

astoriasand said...

Aw Lisa I am sorry you had to suffer after having such a great time in the pool with Kayden what a shame.Well we learn by our mistakes don't we.So next time drape a towel over your back.I loved the pictures though you shared with us.I hope you feel much better now and have a great week/end if possible as I don't often come online until  late evening time on a weekend.Take Care God Bless Kath

lisa41076 said...

Lisa, I hope you are feeling better today, Hugs Lisa

queeniemart said...

i am glad you got some sun but i am not happy it ended up making you feel sick. I am glad too that you slept alot, you needed it. Love you,lisa jo

redpoppy007 said...

love your graphics, hope you feel better.
the heat is unbearable this summer!
Think what august will be like!

nay0114 said...

Having fun with your grandson was probably worth all the pain you had later. He's such a sweetie. Sorry you over did the heat and got sick. Hope you feel better soon.
By the way this is Nana0014... I'm now Nay0114 and I have new journal.
Take care, Chrissie

emabecmar said...

i hope the pain from the sunburn has went away. That is the worse pain.   ((((((hugs)))))))))