Friday, May 25, 2007

It's someone's Birthday today!!! :o)


Today is my grandson's second birthday!!! :o) YAY!!! :o)

I can't believe it! Already?! LOL :o) It's really making me feel old! lol

He still loves Elmo! :o) But this year's theme will be The Doodlebops! :o) He really like them! :o)
He's now starting a collection of their dvd's! lol ;o)

So tomorrow is his party at the park...and I sure hope it doesn't rain...although it's suppose to. But, we will be under a shelter just in case it does! :o) me wish him a new second year in his life! :o)


He is one very special young man with one very big heart! :o)

.....who has a grandma that loves him dearly! :o)



psychfun said...

Happy Birthday to you!

nana0014 said...


butterflies4me04 said...

oh happy birthday to your cute little grandson!


hugsdoodlewacky said...


sugarsweet056 said...

HB cutie pie! Have lots of fun!!!
Auntie Sug

nightmaremom said...

Happy Birthday little one!

my78novata said...

awwwww he is a cutie pie give him a hug from me. Happy b day baby boy

emabecmar said...

A very Happy Birthday to your wonderful adorable and ever so cute grandson. Give him a big birthday hug for me please. ((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))

elmofromoz said...

He's so cute!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY. He has the same birthday as my wonderful mother  she is 73 years young
 My daughter birthday is Monday...She will be the big 30

lisa41076 said...

Happy Birthday to your grandson !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

dca721 said...

Happy Birthday!

kamdghwmw said...

I do hope that he has a great birthday!

jennyp51 said...

Happy birthday to your grandson, they grow so quick, my yougest grandson is 7 now.  Thanks for visitiing me :-)
Jenny <><

chat2missie said...


pharmolo said...

Happy birthday to the man himself!

queeniemart said...

He is a doll and i hope he had a happy happy birthday!
XO lj

jmoqueen said...

Lots of hugs and best wishes to your grandson for his 2nd birthday ~ happy belated birthday to him xx