Monday, May 7, 2007

Now something positvie

How did the telephones get married?
In a double ring ceremony!

What is a polygon?
A dead parrot!

Dad, there is a man at the door collecting for the new swimming pool.
Give him a glass of water!

Eat up your spinach, it'll put color in your cheeks.
But I don't want green cheeks!

"Quick, take the wheel", said the nervous driver.
"Because there is a tree coming straight for us!"

Where does success come before work?
In the dictionary!

Did you hear about the fool you keeps going around saying "no"?
No. Oh, so it's you!

What stories do the ship captain's children like to hear?
Ferry tales!

Why did Robin Hood only steal from the rich?
Because the poor have nothing worth taking!

Who invented fractions?
Henry the 1/8!

What's an insect's favourite sport?

What kind of car does Mickey Mouse's wife drive?
A minnie van!

Is this a second hand shop?
Yes Sir Good. Can you fit one to my watch then please!

How did Noah see the animals in the Ark at night?
By flood lighting!



sugarsweet056 said...


glensfork4 said...

Thank you for the laugh I TRULY needed it....


astoriasand said...

ROFPMSL You are a Star.I have just woken my partner I have laughed so loud Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.I love the one colour in your cheeks.My father always said this to us as kids .Even when it was cabbage URRRRRRRRRRRRRR lol!! I hated the stuff,so it brought back memory's too.I just wished at the time I dared say to Dad You put some colour in your cheeks LOL!! Thanx for thel augh I needed it as usual Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .The graphics are hilarious too pmsl.Take Care God Bless Kath

kamdghwmw said...

I like those! I am glad to see something positive!

ceilisundancer said...

LOL, I like your Monda Lisa turns wired!

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millieukgirl said...

lol - they did make me laugh!! Thanks Lisa,


my78novata said...

needed this

lisa41076 said...

Lisa, those are funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

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queeniemart said...

funny and cute.

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astra1547 said...

Hi Lisa...that was