Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My grandson's doctors appointment! :o)~

.....Just to let you know, nothing in this journal's entry is toward anyone in specific, I use it to write my feelings, and about my illnesess,and in hopes it might help someone else as I do. And if you might take an entry wrong and feel that it is about you, I'm sorry but It isn't, it just may seem to coincide with your own life. May God bless you!......


Today...I went with my daughter to my grandson's doctor's appointment for the first time. :o)
Knowing him, like I knew this was going to be a fun little trip for me! LOL
Of course, he didn't know where he was going, just that I was going too! :o)
I get in the car and I take my camera with me. Not my digital...didn't think of that...I had a few pictures left and I wanted to take the rest to go ahead to take in and get developed. :o)
We are walking towards the buiding and he's showing me the water fountains and all of the other pretty things out side. :o) Once we get in the waiting has a big fish tank and a huge block for little kids to play with! :o) He was showing me all of these really cool things! :o)

He was in heaven! LOL Then...he heard his name called! He ran for him mommy! We go to the little room and he has to be striped down to his diaper! :o) Uh oh! LOL That did it! This child has the strength of 3 grown men! No kidding! :o)
Time for him to be weighed and his height! :o) My daughter and I and the nurse were doing our best to hold him down and still for this! lol Didn't work! :o)
My nick name for him is "Bam Bam!" She finally got his weight...but then his height! Oh boy...another struggle! lol It reminds me of his mother 20 years back! LOL :o) Her doctor would laugh at how she would fight him off! LOL :o) Now he is just like she was! The apple didn't fall very far from the tree! :o) his height....then back to the room. :o)
Not a happy camper! He's sitting on my lap clinging to me! :o) Then the doctor comes in!
The poor thing was out of there!!! LOL ;o) He'd had enough! LOL This to me was funny! :o) Because I'd already been through all of this! lol :o)
The doctor of course needed to check him over. Well not without of good fight..and she knows him! :o)
After she was able to do her check...he fell asleep in my lap. ;o) Bless his heart! :o)
I bet he felt like he'd been through the ringer! lol :o) My daughter got him dressed and he relaxed more as soon as we left the building! :o)
After all of that...he deserved to go out for lunch! :o) So thats what we did! We went to Wendy's for lunch. ;o)
On the way home...he was so tired, he fell asleep again. ;o) My daughter called me to let me know that she had gotten to school ok...and I asked how he was doing. She told me that he was still sleeping when she left! :o) Poor thing had a hard little day! :o)

So...that was our day at his doctor's appointmnet! :o)


lisa41076 said...

Lisa, your grandson is so adorable, Hugs Lisa

my78novata said...

dr visits are never fun for little kids or mommas or grandmas in this case

butterflies4me04 said...

aww poor little guy ... that is funny though how his mom was the same way!! LOL

OH BTW I added you to my private journal!!!


kamdghwmw said...

I remember those days. I am so glad that I past them! LOL

coopsbaby said...


jibaro6543 said...

I love the nick name BAM BAM.....poor baby....I bet he feels like he has been put through the ringer....
So glad you got to spend the day with him....

sweetestsin52605 said...

HAHA I couldn't have put it better myself. BAM BAM. YESS! lol. I had fun today! :) School sucked like always. Oh well..I just have to finish up this week and next week. YAY! I LOVE your graphics! Where did you get them?

ps: u go girl!!

Love ya

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nofibro2 said...

Thats good that you had a good day today with your daughter and your grandosn. And finally no one seems to be leaving you alone for once too. From one fibro person to another, we don't need any extra stress thats for sure. I'm glad you had less stress today. So good.

psychfun said...

Ha! Great name for him. My Dusty was the same way...get him on that silver metal table & he was a lion, put him on the receptionist desk & his is strutting his stuff like John Travolta in SNF! HA! Dusty actually bit me when he got one shot that went into a nerve or hit his bone? I pushed him away from the doc & he came around & got me. Was on antibiotics for 2 weeks! HA! I knew it was just instinct though.

My New One:

queeniemart said...

the poor baby. Thank God he had his awesome grandma there to save the day from the big bad doctor! love, lisa

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sugarsweet056 said...

Nice entry, I recall taking my little ones to Drs. Well, mostly my foster kids...cause when mine were little we did home remedies as to poor to go to Dr.
Hugs, Sugar

katie39041 said...

The poor little guy, lol all went very well then.Loved hearing about his little trip
love and hugs

rdautumnsage said...


dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
That reminds me of my son!
Poor baby had a long day.
Nice that you were able to go.

queenb8261 said...


nofibro2 said...

What a cutie.

jmoqueen said...

Awww bless him ~ not surprised that he slept so much lol