Tuesday, May 8, 2007

You HAVE to see this!!! :o)

Ok....I just had to share this with everyone! :o) This afternoon, my daughter and I and my grandson went to our favorite Mexican resteraunt in town. We were seated in a booth. :o) My grandson was seated at the end of the booth in his high chair. :o) The walls are painted beatifully! :o) He looks up at the wall right above us and pointed at the lady in the painting! He said, 'Thats Momma!' :o) I looked up at it and seen what he was seeing! :o) Bless him! She had tears! :o) It was just so adorable! He thought that the painting was of his mommy! :o) It's so beautiful! :o) All through our lunch...he would look up at the painting and then at my daughter! :o) Too cute! :o) She has long dark hair as well! lol :o)
I took the photo with my cell so he could have it! :o) He still thinks it is of her! :o)
Out of the mouths and minds of babes! :o)



penniepooh said...

Awwww, how precious he is.  :)

my78novata said...

how cute

lisa41076 said...

Lisa, that is toooooooo cute !!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

merry1621 said...

This is such a neat experience you shared!  He sounds so adorable (Your grandson) What IS his name, again?? I am glad you got out and especially glad you got to go with your beautiful daughter and your grandson!  It's sounds like you had an unfrogettable time!  That's the best medicine there is!  Love, Merry

hugsdoodlewacky said...


sweetestsin52605 said...

That was the best thing I EVER heard!! lol. He is too cute! Love ya mom

glensfork4 said...

How cute....He loves his momma..


astoriasand said...

Thats so wonderful and I agree with him too .That painting could be your daughter she is beautiful I have told you Lisa.Bless him.He is one clever little boy and he always tells the truth too LOL!! Lovely picture I find some of the pics are much better taken by the phone.Take Care God Bless.Kath
Astoriasand http://journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

newmomtobe2001 said...

Kids are so sweet and cute. My anthony calls me Ariel and Johnny swears I'm cinderella :) love vicky

queeniemart said...

Your grandson is a dollbaby!
Love,lisa jo

kamdghwmw said...

that picture is so cool!

emabecmar said...

awwwww that is so cute, he thought it was his mommy. it is a beautiful pic. ((((((hugs))))))))))

katie39041 said...

So cute bless his little heart.
love and hugs

jmoqueen said...

That is too cute bless him :-)


gehi6 said...

That is a touching story.  Reminds me of my son Gary who as a child with severe earaches could only be comforted when talking about Jesus.  Jesus came to mean so much to him that he grew his hair long and a beard and thought his greatest reward was being told that he looked like Jesus!  Gerry