Saturday, August 14, 2004

........and again!

Yes, I have gotten that stupid cold/flu thing all over again! Great! Just what I need right now. I didn't hear from my daughter yesterday. :o( I wish she would listen to me that being Court Martialed is a bad thing! Her boy friend is in Army boot camp. He got Court Martialed! I called her the other day to try to talk to her to let her know that it isn't a good thing to be Court Martialed! She didn't even want to listen to me. I tried. And I did my best, and thats all I can do. :o( Well nothing out of the ordinary has happened. Thats good, I'm begining to hate surprises! They're not fun anymore. Today, my back is killing me. Of course my legs are too...we can't leave them out! My shoulders are still hurting. I'm just so tired of it all! :o( This is a very frustrating disease! It really tests you! Last night, my best friend came over, and we all watched, Old School! It's a funny movie! lol Then I went to bed. I did, however, got enough sleep. I slept 8 and a half hours last night. It's about time too. One good thing through the night, I actually got up to go to the bathroom! YAY! I didn't once urinate myself! YAY! I'm tired of that as well. I haven't been out of this house since me and my daughter went to Wal Mart. It doesn't matter anymore. I think I'll go for now.

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