Wednesday, August 25, 2004

What a day I had!

Wow! I had a pretty good day yesterday! :o) My daughter come and woke me up, and when she got up from a nap, we went to find a book I've been looking for, The 9/11 Commission Report. I let her drive my car to Wal Mart. I ask her to pull in at my favorite book store, just to see if they got anymore in. They did! YAY! :o) Then, I drove back home! Wow! I felt like I was "normal" again! I know now that I can drive again! It made me feel so good about myself. I haven't felt that good in so long! It was great! It was like riding a bike, I didn't forget how to drive or what to do. My daughter said that I drove like I used to. And that she was proud of me! So was I ! :o) Last night, my husband gave me some money to go get what I wanted for my birthday. And my daughter made me a cake! :o) So, today we are going to Kohls to see if they have what I want. I would like to check the mall first. But, I don't care, I'm just so happy right now, I don't want to ruin it. If I could bottle how I'm feeling right now, I'd be rich! :o) But, of course my fibromyalgia had to play a big part in yesterday as well. It always has to be around when I don't want it to. Of course my hips, my lower back, and my legs were hurting pretty bad last night. I had pretty big muscle cramps in my legs. I could look at my legs, and see how "lumpy" they both were. I did put them up to rest most of the night. I also tried rubbing them out. But I don't really know how. Needless to say, it didn't work. So far this morning, they seem to be about the same, and not any worse, which is good. I was a little worried that they would get worse, and then I wouldn't be able to go shopping today. So, my pain in those "still hurting areas," seem to be ok. But, I know how fibromyalgia is, it has to be 'the center of attention!" Then, BOOM! It hits without warning. Oh well. Not today. I think I'll be going now. Byeee!

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