Thursday, August 12, 2004

I can still laugh!

This is Thursday August 12. This morning my left leg woke me up. :o( It was really bothering me last night. That stupid pain that shoots down my right leg is now doing it to my left leg! Oh joy! That really hurts, and it's a pain that is like a nerve type. If this makes since. It's like there is an electrical cord in both legs, and sometimes it just shocks me very bad! I really don't know how else to describe it. All I know is that it hurts so bad, that it makes me stop what ever I'm doing, and grab my leg! The usual pain that I've been having still! It has to go away some day! If it doesn't, I won't know what to do. Oh well. Last night, my best friend came over. She's always made me laugh! I love it! In the evening I'm a little more with it then in the afternoons. We watched An old movie that actually scared us when we first seen it way back in the 70's! Motel Hell! We laughed all the way through it this time! lol boy was it funny! And I can't believe that it scared me then! lol :o) Since we've seen it before, it got to a part that was very predictable, so we went to the kitchen for snacks! lol :o) Then, coming back in, it didn't even seem like we missed a thing! lol Very comical! It felt so good to laugh like that! :o) I also need to get ahold of my daughter today. I really hope that she will listen to something very important. If not, something bad could go wrong. :o( I deffintaly don't want that to happen to her. :o( Well.....Out a here!

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