Sunday, August 29, 2004

I made it through another day! :o)

Yesterday was a very nice day. I couldn't ask for a better day. :o) My husband and I were watching t.v. and I kept yawning through the 8:00 show! I don't yawn anymore! I actually have only yawned maybe a hand ful for about a year now! I don't know why. I took my medicine early, I think it was 8:30. Thats only an hour early. I had to go to bed around 9:15, I couldn't finish watching th rest of the show. My husband helped me to bed. And the next thing I know, I'm sitting up in my bed again, piling up pillows! LOL I was doing it again! Activity in my sleep! Again, part of the parainsomnia that I have. I'm half awake when those happen. It was 5:30 when I actually woke up, so I just got up. That has to be the longest that I've slept in a long time. :o) I guess I really needed it. My legs were all "lumpy" again last night. They were both swollen again. Again, all day yesterday they were all lumpy, and hurting, and as usual, so was my lower back, and hips. My shoulders were taking their turn in which one would hurt me off and on. I wore the sling on my left arm. I could walk a little better yesterday. But there were times, as usual, that I knew I wasn't able to do too much. I didn't want to push it. When I do, I end up in bed all day. I didn't want that to happen. My husband and his dad went to a computer expo at the Hara Arena. He bought ink for my printer for only $17.00! When you go buy it in the stores, it's $70.00! And his dad got a Millinium computer like this one, for $200.00! I wish I could have went. My husband knew that if I did go that I'd want to be there a lot longer than they were! :o) Something very different happened yesterday. I actually got a letter from my other sister. What a shock it was to me. This time, I was able to talk to her, and my email went through, so I know that it will be read. I'm very glad about that. I do hope that she understands it. One thing though, I did my best in trying to explain why I can't, and can do things. I do realize that it is hard for someone to understand what it's like to live like this, with fibromyalgia. And, it is hard to explain to others why you can or can't do certain things. I've run into this so many times, because I look fine on the out side. It's the inside that is making my life miserable. I understand that it is hard for people to understand this. I know that I still don't get what fibromyalgia really means, just what it has done to me. It really is hard to explain. Lastnight, before dinner, my daughter called me to wish me a happy birthday. :o) She sounded good on the phone. So, I hope then that she is doing good. I know I just seen her, but, I still worry. to go!

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