Sunday, August 15, 2004

Need to release #2.

Well, it's later in the day now. My hips are hurting again, and my legs. I'm having problems walking again. Oh well. It's nothing new to me, anymore. In fact, I'm so used to having pain everyday now, of my life, it seems to be expected! I received an email from my daughter this morning. I just can't get it out of my head. She tells me that her boyfriend had called her a few times over the weekend. Good. But now, instead of being Court Martialed, he told her that he just "broke the law!" Because he painted the Commander's office. I'm asking everyone that reads this, wouldn't you know what you did, or even what the Army is going to do to you, and why? I'm very confused here. Because I think the person would know! I hope to get some answers. Thank you. :o) I can't believe the hurricane that Florida had! I have family down there! I hope that they are alright! No one has heard yet if they are. My husband called to see. This weather here is so not August weather! It's been like fall weather! Right now it's 69 degrees out! It has been this way all week, and the forcaster's say that the coming week will be the same way! Personally, I kind of like it! Because it isn't so hot that it makes my muscles hurt. :o) So, they just hurt on their own now. I wonder what fall will be like now! :o) It says all about this in the Bible! Hmmm! My husband is out side cooking on the grill again! We are having pork chops tonight. :o) Sounds good to me! He took our dog for a walk in the park this morning, and he said that she sniffed around this tall grass, and then rolled in it! She's been acting different all day now! Her hair on her back is all sticky. She's also been very "vocal" all day as well. She hasn't done that in awhile. I hope she's alright. I don't know what I'd do without her. She always watches over me. :o) I suppose I feel better now. I just really needed to get a few things off of my chest. bye.

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