Friday, August 20, 2004

Just because.

Thank God it's Friday! :o) This seemed to be a long week to me. Maybe because I'm not feeling very well. With all of that sleep I did yesterday, I still went to bed early, and got up at 4:30. Thats about 8 hours! YAY! I know I've been sleeping better since my mum came and fixed my bed for me! :o) She did it just the way I like it to be! :o) It's 5:45 a.m. right now, and it's 66 degrees out right now. Yesterday was hot to me. I guess it got up in the lower 80's. I was really hot. It made my legs hurt even more. :o( The pain in my left side of my hip and my left leg woke me up this morning. :o( I suppose I'm going to have to get used to pain in my hips now. It hasn't gone away, so I guess that means it's going to stay like everything else. :o( That figures. My shoulders are in pain as well. It feels like my arms weigh at least 50 pounds each. It feels like they are pulling on my shoulders. I can't put them both in slings. I diffently don't want to be stuck in bed for awhile either. There's no one here that could help me while I'm in bed. I know it would also take most of the swelling down in my legs. But who likes to be stuck in bed? Not me! :o( I think I'll take my shower early this morning. No one is up then, and I like the privacy. Well, it's only my son, but when he's up, he'll have laundry to do, and I want to shower before he uses all the water up. :o) I'm glad that he does his own laundry, that helps a lot. I have my room tempreture at 64 degrees in here. I still feel hot. Oh well. I even have a summer gown on. I could have a fever. I just thought of that! lol duh! :o) Well, I'm going for now. Shows Over! 

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