Saturday, August 28, 2004

One of those days!

I woke up this morning at 3:00. I was sitting up in bed, doing movements, as if to grab something off of my bed. I have parainsomnia. I've had this for a long time. It's where I would sleep walk, and do things like I just mentioned, in my sleep. I have been doing this kind of stuff for a few nights now. I'm hoping that I'm not going to start sleep walking! That is one of my biggest fears with this! I will end up killing myself! It looks like I might have to call my sleep specialist about this! Again, last night my husband was talking about something that we had done together, and I couldn't remember. :o( My memory is going down the drain! It is so weird to hear things that you've done or said, and not have a clue about it! It's kind of scary. This morning, I got a birthday card from my sister that doesn't speak to me. In the card, she wrote; even if we don't get along, we are still sisters. How dare she say that to me! She made that choice her self! She is so far out there, that she thinks that I'm "faking" all of this fibromyalgia for attention! She's the one who decided to stop recieving my emails, phone calls, and any other comunication with her! I didn't do it, I tried to talk to her. I just wrote a letter back to her, (was surprised it went through) and just said thank you! That was NOT a good way for me to start my day. I WILL NOT except the way she talks to me, and treats me! Today is my 41st birthday. My husband wants me to pick something that I would like for my super. He said he will fix it, or order it! :o) I love him so much! :o) He does so much to help me. I don't know what I'd do without him. :o) Last night, he helped me in my bed. Because I still couldn't walk very good. This morning, my lower back, my hips, and my legs are hurting me. And my eyes are giving me problems as well. They are still making me see blurry. It's like when you steam up glasses that you are wearing. If that makes any since. But, thats how I am seeing. I keep using my eye drops, but nothing has helped. My husband wants me to go to another eye doctor that he likes and trusts, instead of my eye doctor. Mine just tells me that he can't do anything for me! Uh...yea..right! I wonder if my mum is working today? I really need to see her. :o) I realize that I'm old, but sometimes you just need a hug from your mum! :o) I think I'll go now. I suppose I have nothing else to write about. Shows Over!

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