Friday, August 20, 2004

A little bit down in the dumps today.

Well, my daughter isn't going to come to visit me like she said. If I wouldn't have got on the computer when I did, I wouldn't have known. She was on line. She said now, maybe Tuesday. Then she had to get off line, because they were going to go to the Bellbrook Festival! They? Key word there! She can afford to go to a festival with someone else, but not be able to come here. :o( Thats a swift kick in the stomach! I should just tell her that Tuesday isn't good for me. I told her that I have $20.00 to give her when she got here. Oh well. :o( Life really can suck. Especially when I've heard every excuse to man kind from her. When she is down there living, I here them all! Yes, I do let her know how much it hurts me. But, it just goes right over her head. Everyone else is more important to her, then her own mother. I don't know why she doesn't realize that? It's not like I don't tell her these things! I told her that one day she will realize this, but it might be too late. Out!

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