Thursday, August 26, 2004

Another great day!

Wow....I can't believe that it is 74 degrees out at 5:10 a.m.! It must be a hot day on the way! Oh joy! Well, I had another great day yesterday! My husband gave me money for my birthday early, so that while my daughter was still here, we could go to the mall together. I really liked that idea. :o) We left early, and we took my wheel chair this time. I knew I wouldn't be able to walk with my walker this time. But, that meant that I had to put my trust in my daughter pushing me! lol Oh yea...that was fun! lol It was fun! I got exactly what I wanted! We first went to the bedding department at Sears. I saw sheets sets on sale for $24.99 for 310 thread count, and 100% Egyption cotton! YAY! Then I got a cover for my feather bed pillow. I really needed one. It's not fun to wake up and have down feathers on you in places that you don't know about! :o) Now, I won't! lol Then we went to the commons to eat lunch. It was time to leave, because I was really not feeling right. I was still hurting, even being in a wheel chair! Just like I would be if I were walking! So, since we parked in the Sears parking lot, we went back through Sears. I wanted to look at the summer night gowns. I found one on sale that I wanted. It was 100% cotton! Thats what I call, "comfy!" Then I wanted to look at the watches they had on sale. My other one just broke. I found one that would fit me. It happens to be a Minnie Mouse pink watch! lol It's very cute! lol :o) Then we finally got in the car. I was, by that time, in so much pain. I didn't even want to drive, because I knew I wouldn't be able to. We got home, and It took so long for me to get in the house! I had my cell with me, and I gave it to my daughter to call my son, that was in the house, to come out and help me in! Thats how long it took! She had enough time to call him! He finally came out and helped me. It took both of them to get me in! I was barely able to walk! :o( They got me in this room, and sat me down. They brought in all of my things for me. My son put the feather bed pillow cover on, then started to put my new sheets on. But, he had to get his things done before he went to work. So my daughter finished for me. I then just took that night gown I bought, and put it on where I sat. I just had to get my clothes off! It was around 1:30, and I took my noon pills. My daughter had to leave, to beat the traffic. So I huged her, and kissed her good bye. After that, I layed down for a nap. Boy was my bedcomfortable! :o) I have to go back out there to get more of those sheets. I recomend them to everyone! When I got up, my lower back, hips, and legs were still the same. :o( I used my walker to make it to the living room. I'm not liking this at all!!! I surely hope that all of this pain that I'm still having, isn't going to stay. It sure seems like it though. :o( It's just getting closer that I'm going to end up just using my wheel chair, instead of just my walker. :o( Oh well. Bye.

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