Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Well, I made it to Wednesday! YAY! I got some sleep, but I keep waking up so early! I just don't know why. I go to bed at the same time every night. I'm still having problems with my legs. They seem to not want to work right anymore. I really have to consentrate when I walk. I know that must sound weird. Because it does to me too. I guess no matter what, it seems that I'm going to always have this problem. I still try to stand, and walk on my own, and I still can't! I feel like I'm being erased away! If that makes since. I've noticed yesterday, that I still try to act like nothing is bothering me when someone is here! Why do I do that?! I've got to learn not to do that! because then I really hurt afterwards. I suppose when I'm around other people, I want to be normal like I used to be. Well, my kind of normal. My knee pain is what woke me up this morning. I was also having a bad dream again. I've been having bad dreams for the last few days now. I have parainsomnia as well. Thats where the brain is still active even when you are asleep. Like sleep walking accurs, and sitting up in bed talking, or reinacting things while you are sleeping. Just weird stuff. Well, I've been doing the talking and reinacting my dream while I wake up. And they aren't nice dreams. Actually I don't remember all of them. At least my sleep specialist stopped me from sleep walking! Good Greif! If I did that now, I would really be in trouble! One good thing, I didn't urinate myself! YAY! :o) I hope I'm wrong, but it kind of feels like I'm getting that cold/flu thing back again! I sure hope I'm wrong. My husband got it, and now I think I might have got it back from him! :o) lol Thats just the way it is here! Geeesh! I'm going to leave now....bye!

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